Climate Change is having a dramatic impact on food production, the livelihoods of rural communities and consequently global food security. Feeding Africa and the world during this current period of climate change is one of the major challenges of our era. To address these challenges a "second green revolution" requiring the intervention of 'climate smart agricultural' tools is required which is where our innovative solar cold storage solutions can add measurable value to the agricultural and FMCG value chain

Off-grid refrigeration is one of the demand drivers for solar home systems and microgrids, and it holds unique potential to unlock economic and social progress for the 600 million people living off the grid in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the over 1 billion lacking electricity globally

The benefits in accessing offgrid solar refrigeration solutions for rural households includes:

  • The development of rural income producing micro-enterprises
  • Prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce
  • Diversifying and enhancing the nutritional diet of rural households
  • Reducing the time that household members (particularly women) spend gathering food
  • Promoting regional trade
  • Extending the marketing window of fresh produce and thereby increasing the opportunity to improve household incomes
  • Solar refrigeration serves as a direct replacement to the operating expenses of diesel powered refrigeration.

Smart Agri Solutions is the exclusive Southern African agent for Ecozen Solutions products including the industry leading EcoFROST - the worlds first solar powered off-grid micro cold storage solution.  EcoFROST is not only the worlds first off grid solar refrigeration system but also provides remote monitoring capabilities through a mobile App or desktop. The EcoFROST system is a combination of clean smart refrigeration technology with client specific smart predictive analytics which is easily accessible on any mobile device including smartphones.

Smart Agri Solutions introduces EcoFROST to the African market. EcoFROST is a portable, solar powered cold storage unit powered with cutting edge technologies for chilled storage

In addition to the EcoFROST system we will be introducing a suite of other value adding modular products to enable the upliftment of smallholder farmers, generate rural income and strengthen the agri-value chain. 

We're passionate about finding climate smart, sustainable ways to make an uplifting difference to rural communities using modern agricultural tools.

Our innovative infrastructure related products helps improve smallholder farmer livelihoods and rural incomes in a meaningful and tangible way through the use of clean solar energy.

If you're involved in rural development or base of the pyramid solutions in Africa we'd love to hear from you. 

Farming the Sun to Farm Brighter