Smart Agri Solutions (SAS) provides turn-key agricultural value chain advisory services through the use of innovative yet affordable agri-tech products to address food insecurity by developing inclusive and sustainable community embedded food systems.

With qualified, experienced and professional agricultural value chain advisory services supported by innovative "hardware"  which includes a range of smart sensors, customisable smart packhouses (HACCP ready, modular units ) as well as hybrid/solar cold stores which serves to strengthen the food system at any spatial level (farm, community, regional or national)  we have practical field tested solutions to add measurable value.  

Whether you are a commercial farmer looking to develop a viable outgrower scheme or an emerging farmer needing capacity support, or an agri non-profit, retailer or government department we have affordable yet customisable solutions to strengthen your supply chain and improve your overall value proposition. 





  • Tonight in South Africa more than 8 million people will go to sleep HUNGRY
  • FOOD WASTE varies between 40-60 % from its point of production to the point of sale across peri-urban and rural areas of Africa.
  • An estimated 400 000 emerging farmers in South Africa alone are excluded from formal food supply chains perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Across Africa this figure is upwards of 400 Million people.
  • A lack of affordable cold storage solutions across the food chain
  • A lack of traceability and accreditation ready, affordable infrastructure is a barrier for emerging farmers to sustainably supply into formal food chains across Africa
  • A piece-meal and incomplete understanding of how each actor in the food chain impacts on the overall food system acts as a barrier to a sustainable path out of poverty  for small and emerging farmers

The Opportunity

  • A holistic system based development approach towards strengthening the Food System yields greater benefits than the sum of the individual parts of production, processing or retail and ensures scalability from community to national levels
  • The selective use of affordable, innovative technology can accelerate more resilient community embedded food systems creating local jobs across the agri value chain

SmartFood Agri System (SAS)

The SmartFood Agri System is an agricultural value chain process innovation which develops commercially viable and sustainable local food systems using a “toolbox of smart tools” anchored by a Smart Packhouse. It is one of our development tools used to develop new quality focused agripreneurs.  You are welcome to email us below to learn more .



AJ Munian BSc (Agric) MBA
Agric Value Chain / Farm to Fork Experience

  • 5 years Technical Extension Services at Capespan - KZN.
  • Packhouse Audits & Export Inspections
  • Packhouse Audits – HACCP 



5 years Retail - Woolworths Africa - Long Life & Perishable Food categories 



Cold Chain Mgt

5 years Maersk Reefer Business Dev Mgr Sub Saharan Africa


3 years Freight Forwarding Focused on cold steri mkts Set up 1st self help steri shipment to Taiwan

3 years International Fresh Produce Trading




If you are involved in any part of the food value chain (including eating) we would love to hear from you

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